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My Favorite Bible Study Resources

My Favorite Bible Study Resources

You know those people that talk about how God led them to a scripture in the bible, and then that scripture was the focus for their morning devotional? Yeah…that’s never happened to me. One day, though, I hope to reach a point in my walk with Christ that we’re that in tune. Until then, I use a lot of guided resources to help me dig deeper into God’s Word. And I want to share those resources with you!

There’s an App for That!

The firs type of resources I wanted to start with were the apps I use for bible study! My favorites are the She Reads Truth App and YouVersion Bible App. The She Reads Truth app has a monthly subscription option of $1.99 and you’re able to access any bible study at any time. I like them because they always bring the focus back to us as women and how each scripture or daily reading relates to how we should live our lives as Christian women. I also really like that after each daily reading for whatever bible study you choose to participate in, there’s a comments section where you get to read and share your thoughts on the day’s reading, with real women in the She Reads Truth community.

I like the YouVersion Bible App for the same reasons, in terms of there being a variety of bible studies. Theirs is a little more specific though, because you’re able to find topical studies based off whatever you’re going through. So if you’re struggling with anger, just type in anger in the search bar, and all the scriptures and devotionals they have in relation to anger will pop up! They have a lot of contributors, too, which is why they have a plethora of bible studies to choose from. I also like getting the daily scripture alerts on my phone. A lot of them have been just what I needed to see/hear in that moment. You can also add people as friends and build your own community where you’re able to see what each other is highlighting in their daily readings, or what bible studies people are starting. But there are privacy options for those of us who like to keep those things to ourselves.

Print Resources

I enjoy the convenience of technology sometimes, because when I’m in a hurry, I can still get my word in on the go. However, I’d choose a physical resource any day. Some of those include my Women’s Study Bible, Priscilla Shirer’s Awaken 90 Day Devotional and Well-Watered Women Co.’s Give Me Jesus Journal.

I bought my Women’s Study Bible a few years ago, during one of my spontaneous bookstore trips. I absolutely love it. It breaks down most of the scriptures in the margins, which really comes in handy for those ones that don’t necessarily click when you first read them. It breaks those scriptures down and makes them plain. There are also little sections in between scriptures called “Hard Questions,” where it poses the question that many people probably have as it relates to the subject matter of whatever scripture(s) you’re reading. And then those questions are answered based off biblical principles. Just like the She Reads Truth App, at the beginning of every book, it tells what it’s about and how it relates to Christian women and why it’s important for women to read it. I think it’s cool that they do that because it’s so accurate, that if we feel like that book/chapter is irrelevant to us, we won’t read it (like Numbers, for instance). But they’re able to point out in every book, why it is relevant to women and why it’s imperative that we read it.

Priscilla Shirer has been by Auntie in my head since I saw War Room. She prayed the theater DOWN, honey! When I found out she was an author as well, it was over with. I got at least three of her books. But the one I’ve been picking up a lot lately, and is another one of my favorite bible study resources is the Awaken 90 Day Devotional . I like it because it gives me just what I need on those mornings when I don’t have an hour or so for quiet time. It’s simple and to the point, but still so satisfying. There’s also a little area left for journaling based off whatever thought or question she poses in relation to that day’s devotion. And there are also additional scriptures provided at the bottom of each page, related to that day’s devotion.

Last but not least, is the Give Me Jesus Journal from Well-Watered Women Co. I actually stumbled upon this resource via Instagram and after taking a look at it online, I knew I had to get one. It can be a little overwhelming, because even though it’s still guided as in it has different sections designated for different things, it still doesn’t tell you what to read on that day. It leaves that part up to you! But, what I’ve found helpful is using the “Bible in a Year Plan” from the She Reads Truth App, as my guided reading and the focus for the different sections laid out in the journal. In the beginning of the journal, goes into detail about what each section is for, so I definitely recommend going online to take a look at it. I like to use this on my mornings where I have about an hour or so for quiet time, or even at night, before bed. It really allots for you to delve deep in the Word and get the most out of your quiet time with God.

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, my prayer is that at least one of these resources can prove to be helpful along the way. At the end of the day, I truly believe that when it comes to your quiet time with God, it’s about quality over quantity. So, if you didn’t get in as many quiet times this week as you would’ve liked, but got 2 solid ones in, then that’s a win sis! Or, if you didn’t read a ton but you read one scripture that you meditated on throughout your day and it really spoke to you, that’s still a win.

Don’t cheat yourself out of a genuine and quality relationship with God, trying to keep up with the pace of others. Nor should you believe that the value of your relationship with Christ is based off how many scriptures you read in a day. There’s people who know the Bible backward and forward, but aren’t living out what they’re reading.

Just focus on being intentional and genuine, and everything else will fall into place.

Until next time!



Draw near to God and He will draw near to you….

(James 4:8)

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