All in Faith

Taste and See - How I Came to Know Christ for Myself

Probably like most of you, my walk with Christ begins with early childhood memories of my mom and I attending church almost every Sunday. Growing up, I watched my mom sing in the choir, spearhead music activities during VBS (vacation bible school), teach Sunday School, etc. And she had me in just about everything, too. I was a part of the children’s choir, then youth choir. Once I got a little order I began praise dancing. I even attended the church’s private school, located right across the street from it. So, needless to say, we were faithful members. However, just like some of you, I wasn’t experiencing God the way I do now.

My Favorite Bible Study Resources

You know those people that talk about how God led them to a scripture in the bible, and then that scripture was the focus for their morning devotional? Yeah…that’s never happened to me. One day, though, I hope to reach a point in my walk with Christ that we’re that in tune. Until then, I use a lot of guided resources to help me dig deeper into God’s Word. And I want to share those resources with you!

This Almost Didn't Happen - Am I Qualified to Speak on Faith?

When it comes to my walk with Christ and just sharing my thoughts or feelings in relation to Him, often times I feel inadequate. Do you ever feel that way? I mean, I know we all sin and do things that displease God, and my sin isn’t less worse than yours; God doesn’t see sin as greater than the other. But yet, I find myself discrediting my words or actions when I want to share my faith, publicly.