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I’m Jasmine Reed. I’m a Jesus lover, obsessed with all things beauty and could eat cookie dough everyday, if it was socially acceptable. By day, I’m a Sales Assistant, and by night, just a girl trying to figure out her life’s purpose and place in this world.

I want to personally welcome you to the Supreme Life Blog. As I share my thoughts on all things beauty, fashion, faith and lifestyle related, my hopes are that we're all able to embark on this journey of living our best lives, together. Hope you enjoy!

My "Supreme" Morning Routine

My "Supreme" Morning Routine

Some weeks ago, I had one of the best and productive mornings I’ve had in a really long time. I woke up feeling refreshed, got all the essentials done, wasn’t rushing. I literally felt like I could conquer the world when I walked out of the door. If you follow me on Instagram , then you probably already saw my story raving about how good of a morning it was. Honestly, if I could have a morning like that ALL the time, I’m pretty sure I’d be unstoppable.

Since that morning was so great, I thought it’d be worth sharing all that I did and what made it so productive. Now, I have to be real and tell y’all that there’s minor details I can’t quite remember, because it happened a while ago. However, I remember the main things so that’s what I’ll primarily focus on.

Let me just start by saying, I’m not much of a morning person. I usually hit the snooze button two or three times, before I even attempt to get out of bed. I get up early because I have to. But, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t roll out of bed until about 9/9:30 (you feel me?).  On this particular morning though, I woke up around 5:30(I know). I got right up and reached over to my nightstand to grab my devotional. This is where things get foggy, because I can’t remember which one I grabbed for that day. I switch between Priscilla Shirer’s Awaken 90 Day Devotional and the Give Me Jesus Journal from Well-Watered Women Co. Not sure which I read that day, but I do know I was able to get some good amount of quiet time in with God, between the devotional and prayer. I really like to get the most out of my quiet-time with God and not feel rushed! Usually an hour is adequate amount of time, for me.

Next, I got up and made my bed, went to the bathroom and did my usual brushing of the teeth, washing of the face. I don’t really have any fancy skincare things that I do in the morning. On occasion I’ll do the Watermelon Jelly Mask from the Glow Recipe, for a little added moisture and morning pampering! Then next thing I did was made myself a well-balanced breakfast...in my opinion, lol. I fixed some oatmeal, toast and even had a cup of green tea. That’s something I don’t normally get to do every morning, so I felt real fancy and adult-like.

While everything was heating up, I unloaded the dishwasher, took the recycling out and packed my lunch. After eating and watching a little television, it was time to get dressed!

I normally don’t get too dressy for work. Usually just a cute top and jeans will do. Pretty much, as long as I look presentable and somewhat fashionable, it’s deemed acceptable! So, I went outside to start my car, that way it’d be warming up while was inside getting ready. Ain’t nobody got time to be sitting and shivering in a freezing car for 10-15 minutes before they drive off. OK?!

After getting dressed and laying a few baby hairs,  I headed off to work with my worship music blasting, and that was it! FYI:  one of my current obsessions, or favorite things rather, is Tori Kelly’s Hiding Place album. Oh. My. Goodness. It gives me all the soulful gospel/worship feels I crave. Her voice is so amazing! If you haven’t heard it, stop what you’re doing and go download it, now. I’m serious. Then come back and tell me what you think. But I already know you’ll love it :)

As you can see, there really wasn’t much to it. But, I just felt that I was being a little more intentional with how I spent time this particular morning. I made decisions to maximize my time and do things that would positively set the tone for my day. The ONLY thing that would have made this an even more “Supreme Morning” is if I was able to squeeze in a little makeup sesh. But, we can’t have everything.

I do think I’ve mastered my version of the 10-Minute Face, though. So I’ll have to share that with you guys, soon!

What does your “Supreme Morning” look like? Remember,  Supreme is bout progress, not perfection! So if your mornings don’t always look like that..it’s totally fine. ‘Cause I can assure you mine definitely do not. This was a rare occasion for me, lol.  But at least we’ll know what our own versions of a “Supreme Morning” look like, and can aim to be more intentional in having more throughout the week.

Speaking of….I have an idea!

What if we set a goal to have at least 3 “Supreme Mornings” this week and document them via social media with the hashtag “#SupremeMorningChallenge.”

Now THIS is going to be fun!!

You can share images and captions showcasing some or ALL of the things that make your mornings supreme, how your supreme morning sets the tone for your day and so on!

I can’t wait to join in with y’all and see all of your morning routine posts!

Until next time!



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