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5 Months Until We Say I Do - Wedding Planning Q&A

5 Months Until We Say I Do - Wedding Planning Q&A

Welp ladies, Terrance and I have officially hit the halfway mark until our wedding day, and I couldn’t be more excited. Things are getting real, real fast. For a minute, it felt like we had some down-time and the months were going by seemingly slow, since we knocked out a lot of the big things early. But, now I’m low-key panicking and wanting to make sure we’ve covered all our bases.

I figured the halfway mark would be the perfect time to kinda update you all on the wedding planning process. After taking a poll on Instagram, I figured that a Q&A would be the best way to cover everything a lot of you said you wanted to know. So, let’s get to the questions shall we?

Q. How did you know how many people to invite?

  • Well, one thing we had to consider when it came to the guest list, was the number of people the venue could hold. So if you’re struggling with the guest list, venue occupancy is a great place to start. But after that, the rest of the guest list was made up of his clients, close family and friends, and people who have sort of been around and witnessed the relationship, etc.

  • Another thing to keep in mind when deciding on your guest count, is the price of catering and alcohol, if you choose to have alcohol there. Remember: an increase in guest count = an increase in price. So you just have to decide what you’re willing to spend in those areas.

Q. How did you decide on a budget?

  • We settled on our venue first, and then kind of went from there as far as really mapping out a budget.

  • We also discussed some of our must-haves and got the pricing on those line items.

  • I got a lot of quotes and did a lot of price comparing when it came to narrowing down vendors.

Q. What were your must-haves?

  • Amazing photographer

  • Videographer

  • Awesome DJ

  • Beautiful, indoor venue that required little to no decorating

  • Good food

  • Day-Of Coordinator

  • Cash bar option

  • Nice, quality invitations

Q. How did you pick the location?

  • Geographical wise, we felt like my hometown made the most sense for the wedding location, since it’s pretty central and has a major airport for our out of town guests.

  • As far as the venue goes, we chose it because it had everything we needed, as far as lighting and draping options. Other places we looked at were cool, but we were going to have to outsource tons of other vendors to fix them up and decorate them to our liking. I personally just did not want to deal with all of that, so the one-stop shop sort of set up was the perfect solution!

Q. How involved is Terrance with the details of the wedding?

  • He’s been pretty hands-on and helpful throughout the planning process. Of course things like the type of flowers used and the like, he could care less about. He’s more-so involved with the logistics and making sure everyone is doing their job. I can tell that he wants this process to be as stress-free as possible, and for this day to be as perfect as it can be. So I’m super grateful for that!

Q. Real flowers or artificial flowers?

  • I think it just depends. I opted for real flowers, but I’m also re-purposing a lot of them. For instance, I’m using the bridesmaids bouquets as center pieces for some of the tables at the reception. I’m also using the flower girl’s petals to scatter on the tables without bouquets, that will instead have lanterns with fairy lights on the inside, as their centerpieces. So this is saving me tons of money!

  • I did consider having the flower girl’s petals be artificial because she’s literally throwing them on the ground, ha. But yeah, I think it just depends on the person and your budget. Don’t feel pressured to do either or. Remember, this is YOUR day so do what YOU want!

Q. How important is decor to you?

  • It’s important but I’m not wanting to do anything extravagant. Our theme is rustic chic so we have pretty simple decor elements or ideas. I actually have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to our decor and more! Feel free to give it a follow and get some inspo for your big day. Now, don't get me wrong. I definitely am wanting it to all come together and look nice, but I’m not losing sleep over it since thing’s will be pretty simple. Like I said, the venue is already pretty, so we don’t have to do much at all. Just add some table linens and center pieces, and we’re good to go!

Q. Big or Small Wedding Party?

  • Ehhhh…I’d say it’s pretty average. But maybe not, lol. We have about 21-22 people that will be standing up there with us:

    • 7 bridesmaids

    • 1 maid of honor

    • 7 groomsmen

    • 1 best man

    • 3 junior bridesmaids

    • 1 flower girl

    • 1 ring bearer

    • 1 bell ringer/bride announcer

Yikes! Maybe that’s a big wedding party, after all.

Overall, I’d say I’ve had a pretty pleasant planning experience! There’s been a few minor hiccups, but nothing too stressful. Definitely ready to have loads of fun on the wedding day, though. Five more months and counting, y’all!

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding yourself, or know someone who is, be sure to share this post with them! I’ve learned so much already and want to help as many people as I can.

Speaking of, I created a FREE resource telling you five useful tips I used to cut my wedding costs! Just click the button below to download your copy of the freebie, and get ready to save some major cash.

Until next time!



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